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15 Interesting Facts About Bhutan

15 Interesting Facts About Bhutan

In Bhutan you will come across some mesmerizing natural beauty and it is a hiker’s paradise as well. Let us find out the top 15 interesting facts about Bhutan in the following paragraphs.

1.Separate from the world till the 70s

Until 1974 Bhutan had been totally isolated from the rest of the world. Television sets arrived in this country in 1990 and the media could cover the coronation of the new king in 1974 only.

2. Absence of traffic lights

It will be tough for any person to drive on the roads of this place since there are no traffic lights. However, the good thing is that the inhabitants of Bhutan move very carefully on the road.

3.Cannot smoke cigarettes in Bhutan

Bhutan happens to be the only nation on the planet that has banned the usage of tobacco. In fact, one might even be jailed if he is found to smoke cigarettes.

4. Says no to plastic

It was in 1999 when the first plastic bag arrived in the market. However, it was not successful in spite of the fact that the rule was reinforced in 2005 as well as in 2009. At present, people in Bhutan are known to use other alternatives instead of using plastic bags.

5. Just 8 pilots are permitted to use the Paro airport

It is a fact that the Paro airport happens to be the most dangerous airport in the world for landing aircraft. Only 8 pilots are able to use this airport right now.

6. Education is free for everybody

Despite the fact that Bhutan is not one of the most developed nations out there, one will be able to receive education right here free of cost. Healthcare is likewise free for everybody as well.

7. No Internet until now

It was possible for the residents of Bhutan to browse the Internet only in 2001, and this is quite surprising of course.

8. It is not legal to kill

The people of Bhutan will not be allowed to kill any birds or animals. This is due to the fact that they take the conservation of the environment very seriously.

9. The people of Bhutan love spice

The people of Bhutan are fond of eating spicy food items. Surprisingly, they consider chilli to be a vegetable.

10. Druk Kul

The people of Bhutan call their country Druk Kul which implies that it is the Land of the dragons.

11. Phallus for good fortune

The Bhutanese draw phallus on the wall as a symbol of good fortune. In fact, this tradition is quite old in this country.

12. It is a custom to refuse food the first time

The people of Bhutan will refuse the food the first time as a mark of gratitude and respect. They will utter Meshu by closing their mouth.

13. Archery is the national sport

We come across tales about bows and arrows in lots of Bhutanese legends. In fact, archery happens to be the national sport of this country and there is also an archery teams for the Olympics.

14. Believe that Yeti still exists

The Bhutanese believe that the Yeti and Mitchum, its smaller counterpart, still exist.

15. Low rate of crime

Buddhism is a religion that teaches the principles of love and compassion. Since the majority of the Bhutanese are Buddhists, the rate of crime is quite low right here.

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