7 Unbelievable Travel Guinness Book Records

7 Unbelievable Travel Guinness Book Records

The Guinness Book of World Records publish 1000s of world records and some of them emphasize some remarkable travel feats. Here, we have mentioned the top 7 unbelievable travel Guinness Book Records that you should be aware of.

1. The toy mascot that has traveled the most

iSpy happens to be a company based in the UK and it owns a bear whose name is Raymondo. This toy mascot has already traveled as many as 6,26,714.8 km along with a suitcase packed with clothing, travel goodies, as well as a passport. The website was responsible for blogging the voyage for every single mile traversed by Raymondo. It traveled across 6 continents as well as 35 countries while doing so.

2. Youngest individual to travel to all sovereign nations

Many travel buff like to travel to several new destinations every year, and some also make an effort to maintain several overall destinations which is similar to their age. One person named James Asquith, who happens to be a UK resident, succeeded in traveling to each and every sovereign country when he was only 24 years of age.

3. Visiting all Disney Theme Parks in the quickest time

Any person interested in the mouse would like to visit the 12 Disney theme parks across the globe. Lindsay Nemeth, a Disney superfan and a Canadian blogger, ended up visiting all the Disney destinations across the globe in 75 hours and 6 minutes. The blogger commenced her epic voyage at Disneyland in California and made her way through Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong.

4. . Oldest man to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro

Octogenarian Robert Wheeler happens to be a glaring example of a person who is never too old to achieve his dreams. According to Guinness World Records, this person succeeded in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro within a span of 2 days when he was 85 years of age. He plans to repeat this feat when he will be 90 years old.

5. Longest voyage on barefoot

Eamonn Keaveney set a Guinness World record when he completed his epic journey barefoot after walking for over 1,200 miles without wearing any shoes. He covered the entire journey in a little more than 2 months.

6. Visiting the maximum number of nations on one tank of fuel

Andrew Frankel and Rebecca Jackson, hailing from the UK, were able to visit most countries on just a single tank of fuel. They began their journey on 9th June 2015, in the Netherlands and completed it in Hungary the next day. They took 28 hours to complete the whole journey.

7. First band that has played on all the continents

Metallica turned out to be the first band that has performed on all 7 continents in the year 2013 after playing a concert in Antarctica. 120 scientists were among the audience that was present there. The band succeeded in performing in all 7 continents in just 1 year!

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