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8 Best Airlines In India

8 Best Airlines In India

In this article, we have thrown light on the 8 best airlines in India right now. So, let us not waste another moment and go through this post below.

1. IndiGo Airlines

Renowned for providing on-time and affordable flights, Indigo Airlines is operating its flights both internationally and domestically. Established in 2006, this company provides awesome customer service much to the convenience of the commuters. In case you are trying to search for a reliable and affordable flight, then IndiGo is going to be one of your best solutions.

2. Air India

Right now, Air India is known to offer one of the most inexpensive rates in this country while providing the maximum luggage capacity as well. In spite of its struggles in recent times, Air India is one of the most well-known airline companies in India at present. The hospitality that the employees of this company show happen to attract lots of passengers that are traveling globally as well as within India.

3. Vistara

This airline company was established in the year 2013, and it is known for offering top-notch air travel facilities to the Indians. There are more than 50 aircraft in the company which comprises Air, Boeing, NG/Max planes, and so on. Vistara is reputed for providing comfort and quality to the individuals that are traveling by it.

4. SpiceJet

This airline company is ranked 4th in India when it comes to the number of commuters transported each year. SpiceJet is known to operate its flights in 7 international and 55 Indian destinations. It is SpiceMax that covers the airline’s premium services which consist of additional legroom, complimentary meals, etc.

5. AirAsia

Being a Malaysian airline company, AirAsia started to operate in India in recent times the AirAsia India subsidiary. The main operational base of this airline company happens to be Kempegowda International Airport close to Bengaluru. It has also received lots of awards and accolades over the last decade which makes AirAsia one of the most well-known budget airlines these days.

6. GoAir

GoAir will provide top-notch travel experience to travelers and it can boast of having more than 40 aircraft at its disposal. All these aircraft happen to be fuel-efficient plus environmentally conscious. The primary objective of this company will be to offer a safe and comfy air travel experience at an affordable rate as well.

7. Turbo Megha Airways

The aircraft belonging to this airline company are reputed for providing comfort, efficiency, and affordability. Established in 2008, this company is headquartered in Hyderabad. The airline provides a seating facility for as many as 60 passengers which helps it to provide a customized travelling experience for the passengers.

8. Alliance Air

Being one of the most notable regional airline companies in India, Alliance Air intends to offer connectivity to the lesser-known destinations where the demand for flights is quite less. This company has several aircraft of smaller capacity transporting commuters from small towns and cities to the major metropolitan cities.

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