1. Essential documents:
    While you can produce your vehicle documents online via DigiLocker, keep the physical documents handy just to be on the safer side. You might not find an internet network everywhere. In such situations, the physical documents related to your vehicle will help you cross Check Posts smoothly.

*Below are the essential documents you must carry in your car.
*Valid driving licence
*Vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)
*Vehicle’s Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
*Valid insurance certificate
*ID proofs of all travellers

  1. First-aid kit:
    A first-aid kit is a must while on the road. You never know when you or a fellow passenger might need primary medical attention.

*While packing your first-aid kit, make sure it has the following things.
*Antiseptic cream
*Medicines for diarrhoea and vomiting
*Paracetamol for fever and pain
*Band-aids, gauze and bandages

  1. Drinking water:
    To enjoy your time on the road, you must keep yourself hydrated. Thus, there must be a couple of bottles of drinking water in your car all the time. Depending on the duration of your trip, you can also carry large bottles of drinking water in the boot of your car. Extra water will also help if your car gets overheated or you need to clean something.
  1. Phone chargers and USB cables:
    You will need your smartphones charged to make calls, make payments, and find directions or places to eat/stay nearby. So, you must carry phone chargers in the car. Also, don’t forget about the USB cables to connect your mobile phone with your car’s music system and play your favourite songs.
  1. Some cash:
    These days, you don’t have to completely rely on cash to make payments. You can use digital payment wallets, debit cards, and credit cards at most places. But that might not be the case during road trips, especially in remote locations. Hence, it would be wise to keep some cash for situations when other payment options don’t work.
  1. Tissues and wipes:
    Tissues will be a quick solution to any spillage inside the car. Hand wipes and face wipes will help you clean up after a quick snack. Keep enough tissues and wipes, especially if you have kids with you on a journey.
  2. Navigation and Communication:

*GPS or navigation app on your phone
*Road atlas or printed maps
*Car charger for your phone
*Portable phone charger or power bank

8.Entertainment and Connectivity:

*Music playlists or podcasts
*Books, magazines, or e-reader
*Games or cards
*Portable Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile data plan

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