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Destination Wedding Top Locations

Destination wedding top locations

After meeting your partner and getting past the first date, you might have made the proposal to your sweetheart for the first time. It might be the fact that your sweetheart has accepted your proposal and now it is time for you to arrange for the much-coveted wedding. However, it is not simple to choose a destination for your wedding. In case you are in doubt regarding which particular distribution to choose, here we have mentioned some top destination wedding locations that should capture your interest without fail.


This attractive location mentioned here lies at the core of Italy and it is an epicentre of romance and culture at the same time. You will come across the reputed Tuscan hills in the near vicinity of Tuscany whose capital happens to be Florence. While you are in this location, you will be able to find extensive vineyards where you will find a tranquil atmosphere that will provide you with complete peace of mind as well as romance. Incidentally, Florence can boast of having several of the most reputed artworks on the planet that will surely fascinate you along with your partner.


Our next location for a successful destination wedding is the famous Greek island of Santorini. Here, the houses are mainly white in color resembling the pure white dress with the bride while the blue roofs will resemble the enchanting ocean right below. One of the most glorious moments that you will come across on this island is the mesmerizing view of the sunset that will surely enhance your passion and emotion flawlessly.

Phuket, Thailand

This location situated in Thailand attracts lots of visitors including honeymooners throughout the year. There are quite a few luxury hotels in Phuket that will make your stay here a comfortable and pleasant one. The good thing about Phuket is that you can go for your honeymoon right after your wedding ceremony. It will be advisable for you to spend at least seven days in Phuket for unwinding while exploring several other locations such as Surin and Koh Lanta.


There are over 3,000 islands consisting of Fiji in the South Pacific which will be yet another intriguing destination wedding location for you. There is hardly any doubt that Fiji will provide you with a great experience amid the palm trees lining the beaches along with the colorful coral reefs. Fiji has fascinated numerous tourists over the years including romantic couples, and you also will love it for sure.

Istria, Croatia

Our last entry in this list of the top destination wedding locations will be Istria located in Croatia. Here, you will find some outstanding food and wine and many Istrian restaurants will serve these to you in a typical Croatian style. The good thing is that this place will provide you with some picturesque towns and you can also indulge in some intriguing watersports as well.

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