Hindu pilgrimage sites in India

There is a lot of connection between religiousness and traveling. If you go back to history, you will find that it is the spiritual belief that has influenced the majority of the great journeys across the world. We can cite examples of the quest of Lord Buddha, and so on. Individuals travel a lot inspired by a motivation to achieve something outstanding and unusual. At present, many individuals go on a pilgrimage which has lots of significance as well as importance.

In India, you will come across several religious destinations that showcase the rich traditions of the country in the best possible way. Moreover, it shows the devotion of the Indians toward the Almighty God. Numerous visitors come to these religious sites in India every single year which we have mentioned in the following paragraphs.

1. Tirupati

Being situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, this religious destination is a place where individuals believe that the Hindu god Venkateshvara resides. We also call this place “Lord of the seven Hills”. We believe that there is an idol of Lord Vishnu in this temple. Many people visit this sacred temple in India every year and approximately 70,000 pilgrims come here on a regular basis. On the other hand, approximately 400,000 pilgrims come to this temple on any festive occasion.

2. Amarnath Cave

Once you visit the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, you should not visit miss the Amarnath Cave by any means. The devotees consider this cave to be extremely holy and this is the location where the Almighty Hindu God named Shiva explained the secret of immortality to his wife Parvati. We are of the notion that a frozen Shiva lingam comes out from within the cave every year during the month of Shravan. Many pilgrims are visiting this site after trekking for a long distance while braving inclement weather conditions. The well-known Amarnath Yatra takes place in the months of July and August each year. The trekking which commences from Pahalgam takes approximately 6 days to reach the Amarnath cave.

3. Puri

If you happen to be an Indian citizen, then you should not ignore Puri at all. This well-known religious location will provide you with outstanding architecture as well as the majestic Jagannath temple that showcases the traditions and cultures of Puri flawlessly. Moreover, you will be able to have a fantastic time by the sea beach with your near and dear ones as well.

4. Vaishno Devi

The last Hindu religious site that we will mention in this list will be Vaishno Devi in the state of J & K. Many pilgrims come to this site every single year for seeking the blessing of Vaishno Devi. This old shrine is situated on the Trikuta Hills at an altitude of more than 5,000 feet.

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