Kerala promotes heli-tourism and destination weddings to attract more tourists

Kerala emphasises responsible tourism and community welfare while promoting itself as a picturesque wedding destination and boosting tourism with heli-tours in hilly areas.

Kerala, a state well-known for its picturesque tourist locations, is currently pushing heli-tourism in hilly regions and marketing the state as a wedding destination in an attempt to draw in more visitors. Kerala has been the top destination for responsible tourism in the past several years. We genuinely mean it when we talk about responsible tourism. Kerala Tourism Director P B Nooh told PTI on Thursday, “We make sure that our travellers are responsible and that a portion of the money spent goes to our local communities for their betterment.”

Kerala’s economy depends heavily on tourism, and between January and September of 2023, the state had a record 159.69 lakh domestic tourists. The ‘Sky Escapes’ heli-tourism concept, which aims to promote tourism in mountainous regions through helicopter services, was introduced by Nooh on Thursday.

Kerala also provides efforts for adventure tourism and a range of associated events. In March and April, there will be an International Paragliding Festival, an International Surfing Festival, and Mountain-Terrain-Biking activities.

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