On 22nd Jan there will second Diwali in India in Auydhya Ram Mandir Opening

The VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) was accountable for holding the Prantiya Margdarshak Mandal meet in recent times. During this particular meeting, the VHP wanted to take the blessings of the saintly individuals in the country on account of the inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on 22nd, January.

Things discussed in the meeting

One of the primary issues that the authorities discussed during this meeting was the attack on Sanatan dharma in the country. According to Swami Jitendranand Ji, the Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti General Secretary, India has already entered the much desired “Amirt Kaal era” right now. He also mentioned that there is a need to curb the assault on Sanatan dharma and slavery should also come to an end. It is time for India to become glorified both politically and culturally.

Incidentally, many saints in the country have assembled together to reach as many as 5 lakh villages for the purpose of distributing akshat. Apart from this, approximately three lakh saints are making efforts to reach out to mutts and temples in the country as well.

It is estimated that a second Diwali will take place in Ayodhya during the much-awaited Pran Prathistha ceremony. Moreover, the saints and the members of the VHP are also planning to launch the ghar vapsi program. Apart from this, the availability of ration without paying anything at all will also help to check religious conversions.

Many saintly individuals are planning to pay a visit to different cities and villages as well for the purpose of controlling love jihad, as well as conversion. There is also a plan to organize several events in the Prayaj area on the 22nd of January where they are going to light diyas as a part of the ritual.

However, the Ram Temple Trust Secretary, Champat Rai, has asserted that it will not be a good idea for individuals to come to this city on 22nd, January. The main reason for this will be to avoid overcrowding. On the other hand, he advised individuals to celebrate the occasion by paying a visit to the nearby temples. He also mentioned that the authorities will not assure that the devotees will receive a feast on this particular occasion. Nevertheless, it is for sure that they will get their basic meal without any problem whatsoever. He further added that the idol as well as the sanctum sanctorum are prepared, and it is possible for the whole temple to be built within a period of two years.

The Indian PM also expected

It is good to see that the authorities have set up security cameras along with drones for the purpose of enhancing the security and safety of the pilgrims. We all expect the Indian Prime Minister to come to this event on 22nd January as well in Ayodhya.

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