Top 7 easiest world records in the world .

1. Most Socks Put On One Foot In 30 Seconds:

In less than thirty seconds, how many socks can you fit onto one foot? Yes, you can! Whoa, when you reach 29, you’ll smash all previous records. The current record for this is held by Pavol Durdik from Slovakia; the only restriction is that each one must be placed on one at a time. Yes, you may raid your laundry basket for this one because there are no limits about how clean they have to be.

2. Tallest Toilet Paper Tower In 30 Seconds:

We are aware that you have been hoarding toilet paper, so why not attempt setting a record for the highest toilet paper tower with those (now) unused rolls? Silvio Sabba, the current record holder (whose name frequently appears on world record lists), achieved 28 rolls. One roll at a time may only be touched; it is the sole restriction.

3. Most Selfies Taken In Under 3 Minutes:

In an attempt to promote his new film, Selfiee, Indian actor Akshay Kumar set a record by taking 184 selfies in less than three minutes. However, would you be able to take even more if you were doing this from the comfort of your home? You inform us. For the best perspectives, just make sure you have a good selfie stick.

4. Most Smarties Eaten In 60 Seconds Blindfolded Using Chopsticks:

We don’t mind if you use M&Ms or Smarties for this one; in fact, we think it’s rather simple to beat. It’s easy to consume 20 Smarties in a minute. What is that? Do you require a chopstick and blindfold? That does, however, somewhat alter the situation. Additionally, you are limited to one M&M or Smartie at a time.

5. Fastest Time To Arrange The Alphabet From A Can Of Alphabet Spaghetti:

The current alphabet spaghetti champion is Cody Jones, which is an amazing record to possess. The time record to surpass is an impressive 3 minutes and 21 seconds to discover every letter in a can of alphabet spaghetti. Although that seems like a long time, we assure you that you will be painting the sky blue in your quest to locate the elusive V.

6. Fastest Time To Assemble Mr. Potato Head:

You may attempt to beat the record for the quickest time ever to construct a Mr. Potato Head if you happen to have one sitting around (which, to be honest, everyone should). The guideline is very much in line with Radiohead, requiring everything to have its proper place. You’ll need to defeat Turkish record holder Samet Durmaz, who accomplished it in an astounding 6.62 seconds, to break the record.

7. Fastest Time To Eat A 12-Inch Pizza Using A Knife And Fork:

We can officially declare our friendship over if you typically eat pizza with a fork. If, however, you try to shatter this record, we will release you. The current record holder, Kelvin Medina of the Philippines, finished eating a 12-inch pizza with a fork in a paltry 23.62 seconds. That is really quick. You also had to have ingested it, according to the regulation.

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