Top 7 Travel Destination For Bikers

Top 7 Travel Destination For Bikers

Many individuals like to travel to locations for the purpose of biking which will help to enhance their overall health and physical fitness. In this article, we have mentioned some popular travel destinations for bikers that should capture your interest.

1. The French Alps

Any person who has enjoyed the well-known Tour de France on television must be acquainted with the grueling characteristics of biking in the Alps. The most important thing is that it’ll be possible for you to take a look at the picturesque Alpine villages while biking in this particular location. Imagine yourself to be somebody like Lucien Van Impe, Lance Armstrong, or Miguel Induráin while trying to ascend the well-known Col du Marais. Hold your breath while biking around a mountain lake prior to taking on the subsequent challenge of biking right here.

2. Zambia, Africa

This particular place is known to be the home of the WBR (World Bicycle Relief) program’s assembly plant. Here, you will get the opportunity to witness the manner in which this program can improve the lifestyles of the native people by means of bicycle distribution. It’ll be extremely beneficial for individuals living in poverty since it will help them to get around easily. While biking in Zambia, you can stop in Lusaka or take a ride along with some children while they are going to school.

3. The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

This particular location is located in the southern part of Asia, and it happens to be a paradise for cyclists out there. A short journey in the city of Dubrovnik will provide you with the feeling that you are in the historic ages-old town as a native inhabitant. Do not ignore the olive groves or vineyards of this island while touring the villages on your route.

4. Mallorca, Spain

There is no doubt that this location happens to be a must-see destination for virtually any cyclist who wants to indulge in some adventurous activities. The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range situated in the northwestern part of the island will provide you with a spectacular route intended for the newbies.

5. Switzerland

Even though this location might not be as renowned as the other locations meant for biking, it will provide you with some enchanting views. The bicycle paths in this country are actually intended for those who like to enjoy some adventurous activities while biking. The recommended routes happen to be the Furka Pass and Susten Pass which are frequented by many bikers these days.

6. Dolomites, Italy

This one happens to be a mountainous terrain located in the northern part of Italy close to the Austrian border. Here, you will come across the reputed Passo Dello Stelvio which happens to be the highest road pass in Italy having an altitude of 2,758 meters. This location is known to host several reputed professional races every year.

7. Tenerife, Spain

It is a fact that this place happens to be a genuine paradise for the bikers given that its optimum temperatures vary between 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it will also provide you with some amazing views of the diverse geography of this island. While biking right here, you will also come across professional bikers going up the well-known El Teide path.

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